Through our partnership with Nuance. Phoenix Office Machines is able to provide our customers with the best in document management software.  


Why do you need Power PDF ?

1. Do you have a need to edit PDF documents?
2. What PDF software do you currently use?
3. Who has access to PDF tools in your organization? How many have access?
4. Would it be beneficial to lower software costs without limiting access to PDF software?
5. Do employees in your company need to retrieve PDF files from document management systems or the cloud?
6. Do you have a need to convert a scanned form into a fillable form?
7. Do you ever have a paper document or a PDF you’d like to convert to a Word document?
8. Do you have a need to redact information from documents, or add stamps?
9. Are you required to create PDF/A files?
10. Is there a need to combine PDF and Microsoft Office files?

Why Power PDF Advanced is the right solution:

1. Add value to your Multi-function printer by providing powerful PDF capabilities that improve the paper-to-digital workflows initiated at the MFP.
2. Replace Adobe Acrobat installations by offering a more affordable PDF software alternative—including features that Adobe cannot match.
3. Enhance productivity with a PDF product designed specifically for desktop users AND MFP scanning integration. 

4. Customizable functionality* Supports Windows Terminal Services (WTS) and Citrix deployments and offers a configurator tool that enables your IT to choose the functionality that works for your users.

5. Customizable workflows* Includes an API layer for controlling functions within the application so you can create custom-coded workflows that align with internal policies and procedures.
6. Value and accessibility Flexible licensing programs with no seat counting or auditing enables you to predict your budget for your PDF needs, while offering significant cost savings.
7. Unmatched support Responsive technical support is available via phone and email. Nuance also offers a robust self-help knowledge base available online to mitigate additional burden on IT.
* Available in Power PDF Advanced only