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HP Mulitifunction Factory Remanufactured Printers

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Does your business commonize with HP printing solutions?  You have found a supplier that offers the most popular Factory Remanufactured machines from the last ten years.  This starts by selecting the best machines from a clean environment.  These machines are not poorly refurbished or used. They are stripped to the frame to be cleaned, updated, and all wear parts are replaced with  New Genuine HP OEM parts.  These printers are prepared to perform as new and painted to look as new when needed. 


Why buy a hp Factory Remanufactured Printer ?

  • Your office can commonize supply and support needs. When machines are familiar, support and usage needs are easier. These are updated and in better than new condition.
  • Our HP Printers include Genuine HP OEM maintenance and service parts.
  • Cost savings now and later, in addition to saved time and money in many ways. 
  • The HP Parts and Support Channels for the Equipment supplier are rich for New OEM and aftermarket repairs.
  • HP Parts availability of New OEM parts and supplies will outlast most other manufacturers.
  • All machines include a 100 %, one year factory quick repair or replace warranty.
  •                                                    We will not let you down!  
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