Why Quality Paper matters in your office machines.

Why Quality Paper matters in your office machines.

I have a copier service customer who used to buy paper by the truckload because it was the cheaper way to go. One day, he called me out for copier repairs. I carefully checked the machine, made some tweaks and adjusted the registration, confident that would take care of the problem. Just a few days later, he called me because the machine had stopped working again. When I took another look, I found the registration I had just adjusted was off once more.

Then, I grabbed a stack of his paper, that “truckload stuff,” and measured it. Guess what? It was cut 1/16-in. too short and was flopping around in the paper drawer. And that’s all it takes to throw off a copier or a printer.

Bottom line: quality paper will save you money in the long run. Why?

Quality copy paper has a uniform cut and size. As my paper-by-the-truckload example illustrates, cheap paper can stop your copiers and printers from functioning. Not only will you have paper jams galore, you’re also likely to have lots of service calls.

Quality paper keeps your machine cleaner longer. Cheap paper gives off a lot of dust that builds up inside a copier or multi-function printer. This, too, will result in paper jams and machine breakdowns.

Quality paper keeps its shape. Cheap paper tends to have a higher moisture content that curls the paper. And, you guessed it – this leads to paper jams and other problems.